A Long Time Coming


This blog has been in the works for awhile. It started with conversations with friends preparing for trips to various destinations. Countless overly enthusiastic versions of “oh, you’ve got to check out…” and “don’t forget to bring a…” and “make sure you eat at…” and “one of my favorite museums is…” landed in the laps of future travelers, soon overwhelmed. Then, in the middle of a dinner party, someone would mention a funny story involving the subway, and I would chime in with “this one time when I was in Moscow…”

Nothing kills a conversation faster.

But then my friends told me I should “write all this travel stuff down.”  “It could be a book!” they told me.

A book sounded intimidating… but a blog?  Maybe.

But I hemmed, and hawed, and delayed, because I’ve started blogging projects before – with high hopes and great dreams and about five awesome posts up my sleeve. Those projects died after about a month.

I wouldn’t start a new one, I swore, until I had fifty posts ready to go.

And then, on a flight back from Guatemala, I started writing post titles.

I ended up with fifty-seven.

So here I am, with a new job, and a new blog. I’m planning on an adventure.

Wanna come?


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