Photo Flashback – Spring Break in Trinidad

I love talking about travel. I love sharing experiences and telling embarrassing stories of trying to navigate a new place. But talking about my travels in everyday conversation is hard – it too often comes off as forced, or insincere, or showing off.

So one of the reasons I’m excited about this blog is that I’ll get to share stories of places I’ve been and things I’ve done that have brought me joy, or taught me something, or are just fond memories. You’ll also get to see lots of at least slightly embarrassing pictures.

So with that – I welcome you to my inaugural Photo Flashback!

My first solo trip in college was spring break of my first year. I traveled to Port of Spain, Trinidad, for a week-long internship with the YMCA. I learned about their advocacy for comprehensive sex education and fight against HIV/AIDS. I also went to an open mic night at the University of the West Indies and ate shark for the first time (delicious, by the way). One of the hardest parts of traveling in Trinidad (an English speaking country) was not understanding the dialect AT ALL. I remember sitting in the office and unintentionally tuning everyone out because my brain thought they were speaking a completely different language!

Also – proof of the only time in my life I have ever worn braids.







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