Photo Flashback: Glendalough in January

This winter, I got to visit Dublin during an extended layover to and from a conference for work. A co-worker and I decided to rent a car and drive south to Glendalough to scout locations for future events – and wow, what an amazing place it was.

Glendalough is an early monastic settlement founded by St. Kevin in the 6th century, and continuously inhabited until it was destroyed in 1398 by English troops. It continued as a church and pilgrimage site. Now, the visitor’s center hosts a beautiful multimedia exhibit about the history and archeology of Glendalough, and there are paved hiking trails between the two lakes on which the monastery is situated. I loved the serene beauty of the upper lake, as well as the the intricately carved tombstones at the church graveyard, covered in moss. Coming from the deserts of Colorado, moss and swamp is all strange and new for me, and I as obsessed with photographing it. ll in all, Glendalough was a stunning and serene place to spend the morning, even in the January chill. Enjoy it with me!

Path Photo












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