Amazing Gear Sale


Hey, folks!  I’m at the Orlando airport at the moment, hoping to get on a flight (I fly standby most of the time) back to Denver. Luckily, they have free Wi-Fi!

I don’t have time to write a super-extensive post, but I thought I’d let you know about a gear sale happening right now at The Clymb. The Clymb is a flash-sale site oriented towards travel, fitness, and outdoor gear, and I’ve gotten some amazing deals there.  Right now they’re doing their first ever warehouse sale, and a lot of cool stuff is going at a great discount, including luggage, shoes, gear, and apparel. You have to sign up to shop, but there’s no cost, and gmail’s new tab format makes it so that their emails (which only come once a day, anyway) don’t clog my inbox.

They’re not compensating me to plug them in any way, but since I’ve done a lot of posts on gear so far, I thought I’d pass it along – and if you sign up by clicking here, I get a referral bonus if you buy something.  I’ve got my eye on some of their base layers.

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