Semi-minimalist packing: what I’m bringing, part 2

Thanks for coming back for part two!

I’m calling this series “semi-minimalist packing” because there’s a lot that I could do without on this list, and I’ve traveled with less before. If I was pressed, I could do this trip with my boots, one pair of pants, three shirts, three pairs of underwear, two bras, three pairs of socks, an insulating layer, and a rain jacket. I know I’m taking extras, and I’d hate to insult the hardcore minimalists out there with my overly full tables.


That said – let’s get started with part 2 – the toiletries and gear.

How about a closeup?


This time, we’ll start from the top left, and move row-by-row, as much as possible. Mostly, you see items sitting on top of the cases they’re carried in (with the exception of stuff on the computer… that’d be weird). I’ll go group-by-group.

Electronics bundle: I use a Mammut dry bag from Sierra Trading Post to carry all of my electronic odds and sods (aside from my netbook). It helps to have everything in one place, and to know that it’s nice and dry, regardless of weather. Into this sack goes my netbook charger, phone charger, plug adapters, a USB drive, headlamp, and luggage scale (might seem like overkill, but not when Ryanair is charging you by the ounce). I’ll also keep my assorted national sim cards in there (right now one’s pictured at the top right).

Liquids bundle: I take shampoo, conditioner, hair gel, lotion, foundation, and tooth paste in my liquids container (a ziplock bag)

Medication:  I take small quantities of Ibuprofen, Benadryl, and Sudafed, as well as some vitamin C supplement for when I feel a cold coming on. I also take a few bandages and some moleskin, in case of blisters.

Jewelry and hair: I keep the jewelry simple, using just silver to make sure that everything matches. I bring hair ties and abundant bobby pins. Not pictured: a digital Casio watch I use for an alarm. Randomly pictured: my belt.

Makeup and toiletries: I’m bringing basic makeup, as well as makeup remover towelettes. I moved to these (instead of a liquid) because they’re SO easy to use, and I lighten my pack every time I use one.  I also have a folding toothbrush (awesome, because it stays compact and clean), travel sized deodorant, and two Lightload compact towels (just in case).

For the plane: I bring my collapsable purse (from flip ‘n tumble) on the plane. In it goes my reading material, headphones, makeup bag and a change of clothes. I also toss in my collapsable water bottle (from Platypus via Sierra Trading Post, hacked with a pull-top nozzle and a Bottle Bandit) and an Aloksak, filled with an eye mask and earplugs.

Misc: Also pictured here is my portable clothesline (a new buy for this trip, we’ll see how useful it proves), and my travel towel. I’ve also included a razor – sometimes they let it through security, sometimes they don’t. We’ll see how I fare!

Part 3: The Pack


All of this goes into my 20 liter PacSafe day pack. Also pictured is my 20 liter dry sack, available to line the backpack in case of rain.

I’d love to hear your packing hacks! Leave me your best tips in the comments.

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    • Honestly, I don’t have a preference. I look for a package that has the right number of wipes for the length of my trip and a resealable container

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