Understanding Russia: Master Post!

The Origin of Socialist Realism

I’m taking a slight breather today while I, you know, do some actual work for my day job, and prep my next post (it’s gonna be great!)

In the meantime, I thought I’d put together a master list of everything I’ve posted so far, so you can follow along. I’ll continue updating this as the series continues.

The Facebook conversation that inspired it all
Follow Lauren Blog Intro – Why I care about Russian history and culture
Three Second Reviews Tumblr Intro

The beginnings of Russian history and language
The medieval period and Mongol occupation
The rise of the Czars, Ivan the Terrible, and the beginning of Empire

Movie and TV Reviews:
Hedgehog in the Fog – a whimsical and poignant animated short, widely considered the best animated film of all time.
My Love – Sentimental yet stunning animated short.
Night Watch – Beautiful and grotesque urban fantasy
Stalker – Compelling, riveting and philosophical, this is stripped-down Soviet sci-fi and might be one of my favorite movies.

PS – I was getting a little tired of Old Russia, so I figured I’d liven things up by giving you something modern. The image at the top of the page is a painting entitled The Origin of Socialist Realism, by Russian-born American artists Komar and Melamid. Don’t worry, we’ll get to Socialist Realism (and Komar and Melamid, who are NOT socialist realists, let the record show) soon!

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